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Archives and Special Collections: ULV Trivia Book Questions

An introduction to the holdings of Archives and Special Collections at Wilson Library, as well as other helpful sources on manuscripts and rare books.

Share your Knowledge of ULV History

Do you have a fun piece of trivia about the history of the University of La Verne? Submit your question using this webpage! You can type your question and answer into the box below, or you can print the Word document attached to this page, fill it out, and return it to Wilson Library.

Your questions and answers will be compiled into a trivia book on the University of La Verne.

Trivia Question Form

Trivia Question Form -- Hard Copy

Sample Trivia Questions

Format your question in one of the following three ways.

1) Open Ended Question

What former La Verne faculty member was an Olympic gold medal winner in the 1952 and 1956 Games? What was the event?

Answer: Robert "Bob" Richards, who competed as a pole vaulter.

2) Multiple Choice Question

Which one of the following has not lectured on the La Verne campus?

A. Ray Bradbury

B. Buddy Ebsen

C. Tom Hayden

Answer: B. Buddy Ebsen.

3) True or False Question

True or false: the college was once named Palmera College.

Answer: True.