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Use RefWorks

Steps for Creating a Bibliography

Creating bibliographies in RefWorks is a snap!  However, with that said, it is always important to proofread your draft bibliography!  Mistakes do occur due to the data provided, but with a read-through you should be able to catch them!

To create a bibliography:  (Note: it is helpful to be in the Folder of the bibiliography you want to create BEFORE starting this!)

  1. Click on the   icon.
  2. Click on Create bibliography

  3. Select the Citation Format for your bibliography. 

  4. Identify whether you want All or Selected References from the folder. 

  5. After the bibliography is generated, Copy to Clipboard and paste into your document. 

You may also want to consider trying out the RefWorks's download, Write-n-Cite, that works in conjunction with Word to assist wiht in-text citations. 

Creating a Bibliography in RefWorks