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Use RefWorks

Steps for Adding the Save to RefWorks Add-on

Add a Save to RefWorks button to your browser's Favorites bar.

  1. Next to your account name, click on the down arrow.
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Save References on the Web is the first tool listed.
  4. Click on Install Save to RefWorks
  5. Make sure your browser's Favorites bar is displayed.
  6. Drag the Save to RefWorks icon to the toolbar

Using this feature:

  1. When you are on a website that you would like the citation information from, click on the Save to RefWorks icon in your internet browser toolbar.
  2. A side window will pop up asking you to login to RefWorks.
  3. In order to import this information to RefWorks, select the citation you want to import, and click Import to RefWorks
  4. RefWorks will open and you should be able to view this citation in the Last Imported Folder.