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Use RefWorks

Share a Folder

RefWorks sharing capabilities allow you to share your collection with other RefWorks usersTo share a collection with other RefWorks users:

  1. Select the folder in your "My Folders" area.
  1. Click the  icon and select Share folder.
  1. Type the email address of the person (add one at a time).

  1. Select the level of access for the person you're inviting:
  • Can Read – view items and read documents
  • Can Annotate – view items, read documents, and annotate documents
  • Can Modify – view/read/annotate documents, edit existing annotations, add documents, remove documents, and add a note to an item
  1. Add an optional message.
  2. Click Done.

The person(s) you've invited will receive an email notification (also a notification inside their RefWorks account) where they can accept (or reject) the invitation.

NOTE: When you share a collection any sub-collections are also shared.


Modify Your Shared Folders

Modifying your shared folder's settings

Once you've shared a collection you can change the sharing status, add and remove people, change individual permissions or stop sharing the collection.

 To make any changes to your shared collection:

  1. Navigate to My Folders, locate your collection, click on the more icon for the desired collection and select Share settings.


  1. Expand the Settings for to change from invited users to institutional sharing.

  1. Expand the Shared with option to see the full names and permissions (you can also change permissions or remove users from the collection by clicking the "x").
  2. Invite additional users.
  3. Click Done to save any changes.  


To stop sharing a collection with other RefWorks Users:

  1. Navigate to your shared collections Share settings.
  1. In the Shared with area, remove the individuals you no longer want to share the collection by clicking on the "x" next to their permissions.

  1. Click Done.