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Wilson Library's Makerspace

Computer Science major, Andrew Murillo, showcases his homemade arcade that he made from scratch! Not only does it look like an old arcade machine, but it actually works!

These Business major students explain how they have used low-end computing technology to bring enterprise technology to the masses. Thanks to maker technology like the Raspberry Pi, business and commerce for small business can now be at the enterprise level when it comes to the digital platform.

Koppany Horvath, Computer Science major, shows us the retro-styled computer that he built himself!

Jessica (Communications major) & Chris (English major), give us a tour of their arts and crafts table showing us that making isn't only about technology.

This group of Biology majors explain how they have genetically engineered a better fuel source. Find out how they did it!

Thanks to Physics Instructor, Dr. Amtul Chaudry, this group of Physics majors (shown below) were able to use kits they made to create wonderful devices and projects that have the potential to change and revolutionize how technology is used in our daily lives. Check out their videos and see the various projects made and how they work!

Interested in looking at last year's Mini Maker Fair's participants and projects? Check them out right here!