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EDUC 253 Child, Family, Community

Library resources which provide information on the relationships of the growing child to family, school, community, and society

Creating a Search Strategy

1. Once you have chosen a topic, write it down in the form of a question or brief statement:

How does culture affect the relationship between a child's family and their school?

2. Underline the key words and phrases that are most specific to your topic.

How does culture affect the relationship between a family and their elementary school?

3. Write down each key word or phrase, and underneath it, list synonyms or related terms.

    For example:

culture: heritage, tradition, values

relationship: affinity, connection, association

5. Use these search tips to formulate your search strategy:

Boolean search: Use AND to narrow your search; Use OR to broaden your search

Truncation/Wildcards: Use * to search for plural or variant endings, such as famil* or school*

Phrase Searches: combine two or more words into a phrase by inserting quotation marks:  "elementary school"

6. Now you can use this search strategy to locate resources in a database.

Example of a search strategy:

 (cultur* or heritage or tradition* or values) AND "elementary school*" AND (famil* or child* or student*) AND relationship*