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Academic Success Center (ASC)

From Jonathan

"My experiences at the Academic Success Center(ASC) have prepared me for my future career path and life beyond the University of La Verne(ULV) in multiple ways. As an aspiring speech therapist, I will be required to address all of the individual needs of each client. Therefore, working at the ASC has developed this skill by allowing me to interact with a broad range of students from various backgrounds with different academic and personal challenges. For example, I have tutored countless students with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. I tutored students who needed accommodations and had cognitive disabilities, such as learning disabilities and vision impairments, and students who were on the spectrum. Ultimately, through the support and mentorship of Savannah Garcia and Briana Smith, my experiences at the ASC have improved my skills to help students succeed and prepared me to meet the individual needs of each client.

In addition, the ASC has cultivated my leadership abilities by allowing me to take on responsibilities such as conducting tutoring sessions and leading workshops. Also, tutoring at the ASC has grown my patience, compassion, and understanding of others' experiences, fostering an inclusive approach to supporting students from diverse backgrounds.

In conclusion, I am incredibly grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of the ASC. The experiences and skills I gained have been instrumental in my career path and will continue to impact my life beyond ULV." - Jonathan, Tutor

From Allison

"Working in the ASC has taught me how important patience and perseverance are in both my professional and personal life. Through my experiences as a tutor, in my sessions and training meetings, I have gained skills that made me a competitive teaching assistant candidate for graduate school. Because of this, I was chosen as a teaching assistant for my upcoming Master’s program! The ASC has also given me tools to better my personal life outside of the university. One training we had taught us how to have difficult conversations with people we care about, and I have been able to use these skills to better my personal relationships. I am so glad that I decided to work at the ASC, my only regret is that I didn’t start working here sooner!" - Allison, Tutor

From Zarah

"The ASC not only welcomed me but also embraced me. I have been a tutor at the ASC for about two years, and throughout that time, I have grown immensely in my role. Being a tutor has given me plenty of opportunities to develop my "people skills." Because learning looks different for everyone, each tutoring session I do is unique. I have learned to adapt to meet the different needs of my students, and the ASC has equipped me with the tools, and most importantly, with the confidence, to navigate this. 

The ASC puts trust in their student workers and invests in their potential. Savannah, Donna, and Brianna create space for everyone in the collaborative environment that the ASC is by recognizing and appreciating the unique qualities each of us brings to the table. In this sense, the ASC encourages us to keep growing inside and outside of our roles. Alongside the encouragement offered, the ASC holds meetings that cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to our positions as well as other aspects of our lives, both personally and professionally. Meetings on navigating difficult conversations and understanding your communication and leadership style were some of my favorites. From these meetings, I learned about myself, my strengths, and how to hone them. 

With the guidance of the ASC in my role as a tutor, I have greatly improved my coaching and communication skills. I have become more confident in both my personal and professional lives, and lastly, they have supported me at every turn and celebrated my accomplishments, both inside and outside of the ASC." - Zarah, Tutor

From Bella

"Working at the ASC isn't like a regular job. It's a place where one can grow and be a part of a loving and welcoming community. Since joining the ASC, I have learned to come out of my shell and try things that I wouldn't have before, how to be a confident leader, how to recuperate from difficult situations, and so much more. The ASC has also helped me create great connections with peers that may even last beyond university. Everything I've learned and gained from the ASC; I will take with me whatever comes next in my future." - Bella, ASC Student Initiatives Specialist & Office Assistant