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Voter's Guide 2020


To see a list of the upcoming elections for various cities in LA County visit the LA VOTE website. 


In 2019, the Claremont transitioned from at-large elections to a district-based election system. 

More on Claremont elections

Two City Council seats are currently open

District 1 Candidates  District 5 Candidates
 Christine Margiotta  Silviano "Sal" Medina
 Corey Calaycay  Michael Ceraso
 Zach Courser  Donell  Clark
 Ethan M. Reznik

 Bennett Rea


La Verne City elections were held elections on March 3, 2020.

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Mayoral Candidates

  • Tim Sandoval (Incumbent)
  • Gustavo Ernesto Nuñez
  • Mohammad H. Kamyab
  • Jacqueline Elizalde
  • Jesus Villagomez Campos

City Council Candidates

District 1 District 4 District 6
Virgilio Pico Doniza  Elizabeth Ontiveros-Cole (Incumbent) Debra Martin
Geny P. Mejía  Chará Nicole Swodeck Robert Torres (Incumbent)
John Nolte  Siraaj A. Muhammad 
Miranda Sheffield


  • PA - An initiative measure to enact a three-quarter percent (0.75%) increase in the City's Utility Users Tax for a period of ten years unless extended by the city council and establish an exemption of the Utility Users Tax for legally handicapped residential rate payers.
  • PM - Shall the measure "Pomona Regulate Cannabis Act of 2018" be adopted? This measure will amend the Pomona Zoning Code to allow commercial cannabis uses by creating the "Safe Access Cannabis" (SAC) and "Industrial Cannabis" (IC) overlay zones. It prohibits cannabis businesses within 600 feet of a school, daycare, or youth center.
  • PO - Shall the Commercial Cannabis Businesses and Commercial Cannabis Permit Program Overlay District Ordinances adopted by the City Council be adopted? This measure will adopt and affirm the City's existing four-phase, merit-based Commercial Cannabis Permit Program (Ordinance No.'s 4257/4273), which may result in the award of up to eight commercial cannabis permits. Permits may only be located within the approved overlay, guaranteeing a 1,000-foot buffer from K-12 schools, day care centers, and youth-serving facilities (including City parks). The overlay excludes parcels within Downtown Pomona, east of Reservoir Street, and within 600 feet of neighboring City boundaries.


San Dimas City elections were held elections on March 3, 2020.