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Academic Technology Support

Computer Troubleshooting Tips (PC)

Blue Screens. There are different types of Blue Screen errors, sometimes they are stuck in Recovery mode and have to be reset then they are back to normal. Other times you have to completely reinstall Windows, when doing that you may lose all your data. Which brings up the importance of data backups for your device. Another thing to focus on is doing the Windows Updates whenever they show up. When a Windows Update is going on and a computer is turned off, that is the main cause of Blue Screens.

Computer Overheat

Computer Troubleshooting Tips (MAC)

Macbooks tend to not have too many issues but when you try to repair or troubleshoot one that is where their flaws are shown. 

Troubleshooting Macbooks with software problems usually consist of quitting the program you're in or restarting the device.

For actual hardware problems with Macbooks, Apple makes it very difficult to do any kind of repairs. Needing a special set of tools or Apple Care.

Macbooks tend to suffer from Operating System issues. For example, Catalina makes a lot of older programs useless which can be very troublesome for someone who was unaware of that before upgrading to Catalina. 

When a program crashes you can try to quit the program using (option + command + esc)

Here is a link to other shortcuts apple has for their Macbooks.