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Tests, Measurements and Scales

Search UTA Step-by-Step

The University of Texas Arlington's Tests and Measurements Bibliography is just that bibliography.  It gives you the citation information you need in order to find the test.  It does not contain the full test.

To start searching:

  1. Go to: University of Texas Arlington's Tests and Measurements Bibliography
  2. On the top right hand side of the screen there is a search box.  You can enter your keywords here, and then press Go.
  3. When you find a relevant result, you will need to view the information.  To do this, click on View.  (Warning! This is a very small link towards the right hand side of the screen.)
  4. You have now opened the information about the test.  It will give you the full and sub-titles, as well as the book or journal title that it has been published in.  With book information, the volume will be included, if relevant, and the page numbers. 
  5. After you have retrieved the information on the tests you think will be useful, you will need to go and find those books and journals they are located in.

For books:

  1. Go to the library mainpage, and search for the title of the book in the second search box.  You will find out if the book is available through the Wilson Library.  If so, great!  If not, try searching in Link+ and if it is not available there, place a request through LeoDelivers!

For Articles:

  1. Go to the library mainpage and click on Journals A-Z.
  2. Here search for the title of the journal.  Not the title of the article!!  This is an important distinction. If you enter the title of the article you will not have success.
  3. The following screen will tell you if a) we have the journal, b) the database it is available in, c) the dates available. If the Wilson Library does not own the journal, place a request through LeoDelivers.
  4. If we have the journal, click on the link.
  5. This will take you into the database, and the specific journal.  Search for the title of the article. 
  6. This should retrieve the correct article for you!  Now, read the article and take a look at the test!