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Reserves and Linking Library Resources in Blackboard

Step-by-Step - Embed a Film in Blackboard

These steps should be used for adding videos to your Blackboard courses.  NOTE: Steps 4-6 are crucial for films to embed correctly!

1.  Enter the course in which you want to embed the film.

2.  In the left hand menu, select the Content Area in which you want to add the film.

3.  Click on "Build Content," click on "Item"

4. Under 1. Content Information:

      a. add a Name for the link

      b. click the HTML button in the toolbar  **Important step!


5. The HTML window will pop-up. Paste the video embed code here. Then click "Update".

6.  The HTML window will close.  You should see a yellow box in the Text box.  This is your video. 

7.  Click "Submit"

8.  Video will appear in your Blackboard content area.  Click play to test.

Problems Embedding Films? Contact Me!

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Karen Beavers
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