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Reserves and Linking Library Resources in Blackboard


Importance of Using Persistant Links

For library resources it is important to use persistent links given in the databases, because the URL in your browser will eventually time out and will no longer be useful to your students Unfortunately, there is not consistency as to what these links are called across EbscoHost, ProQuest, etc.  In some they are called "permalinks" or "Copy Link", regardless of the name they are the same thing, a persistent link.  Make sure to find that link on the page (for illustrations of Ebsco and ProQuest watch the videos on this page) and copy and paste that link into Blackboard (or your class website). 

For copyright purposes, it is important to use the links within the databases to direct your students to the articles instead of saving the PDF and including the PDF in your Blackboard course.  The databases track usage and downloads of articles making sure that copyright is paid to the rightful owner. 

Having your student log into the databases also has another benefit of encouraging your students to learn how to use the resources provided by the library for future research.


1. Login to EBSCOhost

2. Search for articles

3. In the results page, click on article title



4.   Click "Permalink" in right menu



5.  The page will refresh with a Permalink above the article information.  Copy the link. 



6. Paste link in Blackboard or Word document.