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Archives and Special Collections

La Verne 2020: Adding Your Story to Wilson Library's Archives

We are seeking documentation of your personal experiences of 2020, from the election, to the protests, to the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of the La Verne 2020 Collection. While Archives and Special Collections at the University of La Verne will collect and preserve institutional documentation of this moment, the historical record will be incomplete without evidence of how this is affecting you as one of the individuals who together create our campus community. Will you trust us with your story?

You can participate in the co-creation of the La Verne 2020 Collection by submitting any or all of the following:

- Journal entries
- Blog posts
- Social media posts
- Photographs
- Audio recordings
- Video recordings
- Any other written or recorded statements reflecting your experiences

If you are a member of the La Verne community (students, families, administrators, faculty, staff, alumni) we want your experiences to be part of this collection. When people in the near and distant future seek to gain a better understanding of this moment, your unique perspective will add important depth to the story.

Please click here to share your perspective on 2020.