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Wilson Library's Technology Services

Digital Advertising

Digital Display


The La Verne community is welcomed to advertise their events, news, and other opportunities on our library digital display.

Please follow the below listed guidelines:

  1. Please only submit acceptable file formats. The file must be either PDF, JPG, PNG or other valid image formats. PLEASE no word document, PowerPoint slide of images, or video files.
  2. Image resolution should be able to fit with 1920x1080 resolution or it may not show well when displaying.
  3. Provide a timeframe of how long the student/faculty member wishes to have the advertisement displayed.
  4. If submitting text document, Word format is preferred. No more than one page.
  5. If submitting an advertisement with both images and text, the text must be clear and visible.

The library will check the content to determine whether it is appropriate to display at the library. We reserve the right to take it off if it is against library policies. If you have any questions, please contact