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Wilson Library's Makerspace

About Intuos Draw

Want to doodle and sketch or create beautifully painted masterpieces all with one pen? Check out the Wilson Library's Makerspace to experience the Intuos Draw by Wacom. If you want to learn more, a beginner or already a pro at digital art then the Intuos Draw is a new and fun addition to the Makerspace. The art programs are simple and easy to use and there are online tutorials for each program to make everything a more enjoyable experience.

Wacom Intuos Draw Gallery

Art Programs

Intuos Draw comes with ArtRage Lite software that provides exactly what you need to draw, sketch, and paint digitally. ArtRage Lite is a realistic, natural, and fun introduction to digital art software beginners. The program mimics traditional painting and drawing and is easy to learn and continue to use previous experience and traditional skills. Realistic painting tools include; pencils, felt pens, oil paints, and a selection of digital editing features, such as Layers, Select, Transform, custom brushes, color pickers, and more. ArtRage Lite makes the transition from traditional art to digital a little easier. The program also includes tutorials on using the program and the program with Intuos Draw.

FireAlpaca is made especially for digital art beginners who want an easy and simple digital art experience. The program includes default brushes such as Pen, Pencil, AirBrush, and Watercolor and also the ability to create your own custom brushes. The program is light and fast, includes several comic templates in default settings, and the 3D perspective function allows you to snap to a 3D object. The program also has the ability to create GIF animations using the Onion Skin Mode and their online GIF animation creating service, AlpacaDouga. FireAlpaca includes online tutorials on how to use their program and its tools to make the creation of your Illustrations, Comics, and GIF animations easier.


MediBangPaint is a lightweight program that allows you to create digital paintings and comics with default brushes, fonts, pre-made backgrounds, and other resources.The program has over 800 tones/backgrounds, over 50 brushes, and 20 fonts available for free.The program's website also allows the ability to download and share custom brushes, materials, and fonts. MediBangPaint provides the ability to auto-save every few minutes or to your desired setting. The program is available on Windows/Macs, iPad, iPhone, and Android and with the program's cloud features, it allows you to transfer work between devices and save hard drive space. The cloud also allows you to share your illustrations and comics with their online sharing platform. The creators of MediBangPaint also created FireAlapaca so the transition from one program to the other is a simple transition.


What is a Wacom Intuos Draw?

Intuos Draw by Wacom allows you to sketch, draw, and paint digitally. Each stroke of the Intuos pen on the tablet transfers straight to your computer screen. The Intuos pen feels like a traditional pencil or paintbrush that responds to your drawing pressure. It is able to perfectly mirror your brushstrokes, due to the pressure-sensitive tablet. The Intuos pen is much easier than a mouse as it recognizes the angle and rotation of the pen. Located at the top of the tablet, ExpressKeys allow quick and easy access to shortcuts. Intuos Draw allows you to create small sketches and doodles or painted masterpieces all with one pen, tablet, and computer.