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Button Maker

About Badge-A-Minit

Want to create buttons to add some style to your jacket or for a special event? The Badge-A-Minit will help you create buttons from your own designs or from the included design pack. For even more designs and artwork, the Badge-A-Minit website has much more to choose from! In six easy steps create buttons for whatever you want!

What is a Badge-A-Minit

How does the Badge-A-Minit Work?

The Badge-A-Minit comes with five different colored rings and a hand press that helps create buttons. After choosing your artwork, place a button front under it and place a plastic cover over it. Then proceed to place all three into the blue ring with its tabs facing upwards. Next, place the yellow ring over the blue ring and turn until the yellow tabs fit under the blue ring tabs. Turn the blue and yellow rings over onto a flat surface, and then place the purple ring inside the blue ring. Put the green ring over the purple ring and apply pressure until it makes a snapping sound and you can no longer press downward. Remove the purple and green rings and turn the blue and yellow rings back over so the tabs are facing upwards again. Place the red ring on top of the artwork, blue, and yellow rings and begin to apply pressure downwards until it stops. Holding all three rings together, turn it over and begin to place the pin back, sharp edge facing down, inside the blue ring. Place the green ring on top and turn it over where the red ring is on top. Place the rings inside the hand press and squeeze the handle. Remove the rings from the hand press, and then remove your finished button!  

Badge-A-Minit Hand Press

Badge-A-Minit Rings