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Faculty Support: Course Development


This guide contains resources for updating your courses, including Subject Librarian consultations and Academic Technology Support Services.

Instruction and Assignment Support

Subject Librarians can help faculty do the following:

  • Identify course resources, including books, journals, and streaming media.
  • Embed and link to library resources in Blackboard.
  • Locate primary sources and data sets.
  • Develop library research assignments.
  • Identify and create information literacy modules and tutorials.
  • Provide in-class library research and information literacy instruction.

Schedule a Consultation with a Subject Librarian to learn more.


Subject Resources

Putting Materials on Reserve

To place materials (textbooks, videos, articles, etc.) on reserve, please submit a completely filled out reserve form.


Journal articles, chapters from books (personal and library copies) and pamphlets can be scanned by library staff and made available to your students electronically for the course’s duration. The library requires a minimum of seven days for scanning before they are available for student use.

Academic Technology Support

We provide technical troubleshooting, individual consultation, orientations and workshops to faculty, students, and staff of the University of La Verne.

Technology Tools

Course Capture Tools

such as Loom

Creativity Tools

such as Photoshop, iMovie

Learning Management System


Research Tools

such as Qualtrics

Experiential Learning Tools

such as Virtual Reality, 3D printing

Virtual Teaching Tools

such as Zoom, Webex, Webex Teams, and VDI

Technology in Fitness

Smart water bottle, sleep tracking app, and more!




Useful Library Guides