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RDG 525 - Literacy Research, Theory, and Applications

Resources to demonstrate relationships between research findings and instructional decison making in literacy

Additional Wilson Library Guides appropriate for literacy topics

Tips for Searching

Search by Words

  • Searching library resources are not like searching Google where you enter a phrase or question into the search box and get results. Enter words that represent the concept you are searching. You can enter multiple words using AND or OR. Don't enter a sentence or long phrase into the search box.

Use AND or OR

  • Use care when adding ANDs or ORs to your search.
  • AND will narrow your search. For every word searched with AND, the database will search for results with ALL of those words. So with each added keyword, you will get fewer results.
  • OR will broaden your search. This is very effective if you are not getting enough results. Search similar keywords/concepts, e.g. women or female. It's essentially doing 2 searches at once. This is useful if you are not sure what words/terms are used in articles.     

Narrow By Date

  • Think about the date range you want to search. You can adjust the dates searched in all databases to get articles, books, movies published within a specific time range.

Your Librarian

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