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Wikipedia-a-Thon 2018


Welcome to our first Wikipedia-Edit-a-Thon!Photo by Vojtech Okenka from Pexels

  • Join us on Wednesday, March 28, 2-6pm to help us edit pages. 
  • Come to 160 Wilson Library.
  • Drop in for 30 minutes or stay for the whole afternoon.
  • We will focus on women's history pages in honor of Women's History Month. 

Our goals for this event are to:

  • Edit notable women's Wikipedia pages
  • Collaborate with the La Verne community to improve Wiki pages about women
  • Learn about the process of adding and editing a Wiki

If you have time, Create an Account before you come to the event. 

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia, written collaboratively by the people who use it. It is a special type of website designed to        

     make collaboration easy, called a wiki. Many people are constantly improving Wikipedia, making thousands of changes per

     hour. All of these changes are recorded in article histories and recent changes. For a more detailed account of the project,

     see About Wikipedia. (Wikipedia Introduction Page)


Norma Durian's picture
Norma Durian
Wilson Library, Rm. 165