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Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon: Gaypril Edition


Welcome to our Wikipedia-Edit-a-Thon: Gaypril Edition!

  • Join us on Tuesday, April 17, 2019, 2-5pm to help us edit pages. 
  • Come to 160 Wilson Library.
  • Drop in for 30 minutes or stay for the whole afternoon.
  • We will focus on LGBTQ+ pages in honor of Gaypril. 

Our goals for this event are to:

  • Edit LGBTQ+ Wikipedia pages
  • Collaborate with the La Verne community to improve Wiki pages about LGBTQ+ topics
  • Learn about the process of adding and editing a Wiki

If you have time, Create an Account before you come to the event. 

What is Wikipedia?

What do Wikipedia editors do?

Wikipedia editors do lots of different things, including the following:

  • create articles
  • check facts
  • upload relevant images for articles
  • add citations to entries
  • check articles for grammar
  • edit articles so they are easy to read and consume