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EDUC 251 Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children

How do I search for articles?

Identify the type(s) of articles needed. Scholarly/academic/peer-reviewed articles? Popular articles (e.g., from magazines or newspapers)? Not sure? Review your assignment or contact your professor.

Select a database that covers your subject and includes the types of articles you need. Boxes to the right include a very select list of databases. If you do not find one that meets your needs, check for additional databases by subject (see dropdown menu to the right).

Create a list of keywords relevant to your topic.  Start with keywords and phrases for your topic or research question. The assignment prompt, your syllabus, lecture notes, or textbook might also help you find keywords.

Expand your search. When you see articles that look interesting, click on the title to see the complete citation. If there are subject terms or descriptors, click on those that seem related to your topic to find other articles on the subject.

Education Databases

Other Useful Databases