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ASC Testing Services

Placement Testing Information

Placement Testing Information

Placement exam scores are used exclusively for the purposes of assessing subject-specific competency and placement into La Verne courses. Placement test scores:

  • Do not affect University of La Verne admissions decisions

  • Do not provide course or degree credit

  • Do not affect student course grades, transcripts, or GPA

Results are available through the student’s academic adviser during their advising and course registration session. To protect student confidentiality, the Academic Success Center does not provide placement test results to students over the phone or by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide if I need to take placement tests or which ones?

Incoming and transfer TUG students will be placed into writing, language, and math courses based on their transcripts and test scores. 

Returning students can use the following links to self place:

If you transferred (or plan to transfer) a course from another university or took an AP test and earned a score of 3, 4, or 5, contact Dr. Amanda Miller for guidance ( • 909-448-4581).

How long will the placement tests take?

Placement tests are timed but the testing session will likely last longer than the tests themselves. Please allow extra time for your placement testing session. The writing and foreign language tests are an hour each.

Should I study for placement tests?

Placement tests are very important. Improper placement could result in a loss of time and money. You should review concepts and material that you already know before the exam. You should not “cram” new concepts and material into your short-term memory prior to the exam. Cramming and/or not preparing properly for your exam could result in course placement that is not reflective of your actual abilities. 

When will I receive the results of my placement tests?

You will receive the results of your placement tests when you meet with your academic advisor to select your classes.

Will arrangements be made for students in need of accommodations?

The Academic Success Center works in concert with the Accessibility Services to provide an ideal testing environment for students. Please contact Lisa Lester ( to make arrangements. Students must register with the Accessibility Services department and provide documentation of their disability to receive services.

Will students have the option to challenge placement into a course?

Students can challenge placement into writing and math courses. Please see our Math Placement Prep page for some review materials.