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What Is 24/7 Tutoring?

What is 24/7 Tutoring?
24/7 Tutoring (TutorMe) is an online tutoring platform that connects students to live tutors, 24 hours a day in over 300 subjects, right from their home. Their network of over 10,000 verified tutors has helped more than half a million students improve their grades, understand difficult concepts, or just get help with simple questions! Students can even have their papers reviewed using TutorMe’s Writing Lab, which provides detailed feedback on their essays or reports in less than 12 hours.

Who are the tutors for 24/7 Tutoring?
Tutors are highly vetted and background-checked. 78% of tutors hold an advanced degree, and all tutors complete a training with TutorMe that aligns to CRLA Level One, the college-level tutoring standard. Our tutors are subject experts in multiple fields, from kindergarten all the way to post-grad.

How do I access 24/7 Tutoring?
Just click the TutorMe link in Blackboard (under Tools) to be automatically logged in to your school account. You should not go directly to, since this will not log you in and you’ll be unable to access tutoring. See video below regarding accessing 24/7 Tutoring at ULV. 

How do I connect with a tutor?
Once you've logged in, you can click the green button labeled "Connect with a Live Tutor," then select the subject you'd like help with. Click here to learn how to connect with a tutor in 24/7 Tutoring.

What can I expect when I log in?
If your class is very specific (i.e evolution and biosystematics), it can be harder to match with a tutor quickly. If this occurs, you should broaden your subject (i.e biology). You might have to wait longer if you are trying to log in at midnight or at 3 am. Make sure to plan for a wait time if you are doing a last-minute assignment.

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