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NetVUE Regional Gathering

Regional Gathering 2023 Description

What conditions are we creating that lead students to engage lives of meaning and purpose, and what conditions obstruct their opportunities to engage in vocational exploration


During this NetVUE gathering, participants will explore the various conditions in our institutions which enable students – and especially students from marginalized communities - to find meaning and thrive. Together with colleagues and inspired by keynote speaker Patrick Reyes, author of The Purpose Gap: Empowering Communities of Color to Find Meaning and Thrive, participants will interrogate this idea of conditions and how they may - or may not - lead students to lives of meaning, purpose, and empowerment. Participants will reflect on questions such as What do we need to dismantle? And whyWho do we engage in this effort, and, how do we empower vocational exploration? 


During this gathering, attendees will be challenged to uncover barriers, experience supportive, student-centered practices that create conditions for vocational exploration, engage in dialogue and meaningful conversation, and gain new knowledge and strategies that can be implemented within their home institutions to ensure that all students have access to finding meaning and thriving.