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Mini Maker Fair

2017 Mini Maker Fair Registration

The 2017 Mini Maker Fair will be held Wednesday, May 10, from 11a-1p.

Interested in participating?

Register today, space is limited!

Photos of the Event


Adam Trudgeon -  Klein Bottle

The Klein bottle is an example of a non-orientable surface that is constructed of a closed manifold.This 3-D representation of a theoretical concept is made of iron bars welded together.

Alvaro Alvarez - Arcade Machine

Arcade made with a raspberry pi and laser cut panels, second project is a 3D printed cell phone controlled robot made with Arduino board and parts.

BJ Haddad - Ping Pong Ball Vacuum Cannon

Ever feel like you're just being crushed by the everyday pressures in your life? While we can't help you with your school/work/family pressures, we can repurpose the atmospheric pressure you live with everyday to fire a ping pong ball through metal barriers at over 300 mph.

BJ Haddad - Ping Pong Ball Vacuum Cannon from Wilson Library on Vimeo.

Chris Ortiz - Cyber Virus and Cyber Destruction!

Chris will demonstrate how a computer virus looks like and display how it can rapidly infect one's computer and cause damage in a matter of seconds. He will be using an old laptop and a virus he has written in C. He will also have tips of ways to avoid getting viruses and what steps one can take to remove a virus.

Christine Jagannathan - Jewelry

Have fun and save money. The art of accessorizing with beads.

Eric Zuniga - Project Sera

Project sera is a custom motorcycle that Eric has been putting together. A rusted 1985 Honda Shadow with a blown motor. The motorcycle has been completely rebuilt and customized form the bare frame.

Gail Tang - Hack a Toilet for Free Water

This is a project where we were able to convert the water flow from which the toilet tank is filled into a sink that can be used to wash your hands while filling up the tank at the same time. Clean water is diverted to the sink before entering the tank for its next flush! Inspired by the toilet sinks in Japan, we made this from this instructable: http://www/


Gail Tang - Weaver Fever

The lap loom is made from a re-purposed picture frame, nails, popsicle sticks, and masking tape.

Garrett Curran - LeoVision!

LeoVision has now grown and is the base of the business consulting class that is compromised of 8 diverse students working towards developing this product into a fully operational company.

Harry Bennett - Synthetic Biology: Bactograph

This project is based off a bacteria which will produce or not produce a pigmentation in the presence or absence of light. A picture can be placed over the bacteria which will reflect an identical imagine in a Petri dish.

James Hoffstetter - The Art of Producing

James has been producing music for around eight years through a complex program called Ableton 8 live. James will demonstrate how to produce a song and allow attendees to participate.

Exhibitors Continued

Jawdat Attar - Boat Replica

Jawdat will be displaying a boat Replica.

Jay Jones - Methanol Conversion (One step in stemming greenhouse gas emissions)

Professor Jones, along with students and alumni, are converting a 2005 Prius to run on methanol. The hope is to leverage Professor Parchamazad's reforming technology to generate electricity and methanol from natural gas, which is frequently flared at the well pad and thus wasted.

Jessica Velasquez - Knock Activated Gumball Machine

Jessica will be constructing a gumball machine that is activated when the Arduino senses a knock pattern. Then it will dispense a gumball.


Kathryn Mears - Getting reWired!

ReWired is about repurposing items, utilizing wire, and imagining new ideas. She will be making objects with repurposed coat hangers. She will also have materials to create jewelry.

Koppany Horvath - Commodore 64 Internet Connection

This project is an attempt at giving a Commodore 64 microcomputer a connection to the internet by using a Linux computer and a microcontroller. This project is an intense computer science project which involves reverse engineering and embedded software/hardware.

Raina Deisch - Dazzling Bottles

Dazzling Bottles are unique and festive recycled beverage bottles recreated to highlight any occasion or environment. The bottles are designed with floral arrangements, lights, and "bling" to enhance their beauty to the natural eye.

Rob Perhamus - "FABLAB" Digital Design and Fabrication Laboratory

A Fab Lab is a technical prototyping platform for innovation and invention, providing stimulus for local entrepreneurship.

Rob Perhamus -Upland Makerspace from Wilson Library on Vimeo.

Rosendo Ramos - Watson

Watson is the next breakthrough in therapeutic applications. Watson will be there to assist you... when others can't.

Sabrina Mora - Crafts

Sabrina will be displaying various paper crafts. She will also be demonstrating how to create simple craft projects with a Cricut machine.

Shaina Villalobos - New Matter: Make great things with the MOD-t 3D Printer

Demo of New Matter's 3D Printer, the MOD-t. See it in action and think of all the things you could make with this user-friendly printer for at home use.

Math and Theatre Class Project 

LED Light Project:

Tyler Deacy, Madison (Maddie) Neely, Jacqueline (Jackie) McGuigan, and Lisa Quezada.

Knots Project:

Ashley Hoffman, Sherlock Dal, and Julia Pinsak

Fibonacci Project:

Sean Robinson, Dillon Tresner, Summer Akbar, and Katrina Duarte

Hyperbolic Paraboloid:

Tanner Long, Alexa Canchola, Oscar Mauricio Faguada, and Sondos Badran