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Data Sets for Business & Management Topics

What Types of Business or Management "Data Sets" are Available?

"Data sets" are a collection of related sets of information that is composed of separate elements but can be manipulated as a unit by a computer.

Free  "Business" or "Management" web-based data set sites or licensed access to data sets available through the University library are limited to census and demographic information, finance, trade, agricultural, energy, and health-care topics, for the most part.  Examples of web sites and library databases for data sets in "Business" or "Management" are provided below.

"Statistics" involve the  practice of collecting, analyzing, interpreting and communicating data.  Statistical data  in the subject area of  business or management is usually a "number" and therefore more easily acquired than "data sets".  Examples of web sites and library databases for statistics in "Business" or "Management" are provided below.


Business or Management Data Sets Available on the Web (Free)

Wilson Library Data Sets (Business or Management)

Statistical Data Sites for Business or Management Topics (Free) from the Web

University Library Statistical Data In Order of Recommended for "Business" or "Management" Topics