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CBPM Center for Research

About the Center for Research


In the fall of 2015, the College of Business and Public Management (CBPM) established the CBPM Research Center to facilitate and disseminate relevant research conducted by students and faculty of the College.

The mission of the center is to enhance and disseminate the research contributions of students and faculty of the CBPM in the areas of educational, disciplinary and applied scholarship.

The initial stage of the Center will focus on three common research interests of the college: (1) integrated learning (including interdisciplinary learning); (2) experiential learning (including community engagement); and (3) student centered learning. 

The Center also supports research efforts that inform stakeholders about private, public and non-profit administrative practices and advances in our region. All research will be empirical as well as theory informed and seek to deepen our knowledge of both student learning and administrative practices in our region.


Center Activities

Brown Bag Sessions – It is anticipated that the Center will coordinate brown bag sessions throughout the academic year where faculty research on integrated, experiential and student centered learning is shared among faculty, students and administrators.

Annual Faculty Research Fellows – It is anticipated that the Center will include selected faculty as annual faculty research fellows based upon proposals for research from current faculty members of the College of Business and Public Management. Expectations of Faculty Fellows will be based on varied of research project possibilities, including the development of individual or team research efforts.  These efforts can be cross-disciplinary, cross-departmental or within program. Research efforts will be expected to seek publication in relevant academic journals.

Funding- Select funding of research fellows and projects will be made available by the Center announced at the fall and spring term of the academic year. Funding from University support (CAFÉ) will also be encouraged.

Web Dissemination - The Center will develop and maintain web access for stakeholders and to disseminate research opportunities, findings and activities.