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Education & Organizational Leadership

This guide is intended to assist EdD students with their information needs.
Welcome to the Education and Organizational Leadership Guide!


This guide will help you:

  • Find Articles
  • Find relevant books & news
  • Learn how to write a your dissertation 
  • Cite information and utilize data
Liberty McCoy, EdD Librarian 




Call or text: (626) 344-0295

Appointments: Make an appointment with Liberty

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Writing & Stats Consultations 


The Academic Success Center offers consultations on writing and statistics for your research project needs. Consultations are appointment based, and can be made through our scheduling system, WC Online. For detailed instructions on how to make an appointment, click here.

The ASC offers remote tutoring via two options, as indicated in our appointment system:

  • Online - synchronous appointments, where you meet with your consultant in real-time using a combination of WC Online, Google Docs, Zoom, and/or Webex

    • Recommended for learners who benefit from live interaction & discussion

  • E-Tutoring - asynchronous appointments, where there is no real-time meeting; instead, you upload a document along with your questions, challenges, etc., and receive feedback straight to your ULV email

    • Recommended for learners who can articulate their own needs and challenges, and who have busy schedules