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ASC Academic Coaching

Learn About Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is designed to help students create new positive learning habits which helps them achieve their academic goals. Academic Coaches are holistically trained in teaching and learning strategies; mentorship; advising; resources and referrals; holistic wellness; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and learning differences, and they are excited to support you throughout your time at ULV!

Connecting with an Academic Coach

There are two options for connecting with an Academic Coach:

  1. Self-Match with an Academic Coach (check out their bios on our "Meet our Academic Coaches" page by clicking on their photo) 

  2. Ask us to match you by submitting a request form.

    • Matches are based on your needs or characteristics as described on your request form. Please provide as much information as you can to ensure a strong match! 

Once you select or are matched with an Academic Coach, schedule your appointment. Appointments are available in-person or online via Zoom. 

What to Expect and Benefits

The structure of Academic Coaching is highly dependent on the plan outlined between the student and Academic Coach. Below are some general guidelines that most coaching relationships adhere to:

  • Students may request an Academic Coach at any point during the academic year.
  • Students will have an initial meeting with their Academic Coach to discuss their needs, preferences, challenges, and strengths. During this meeting, they will also establish goals, appropriate timelines, and indicators of progress and success.   
  • Students meet with their Academic Coach one-on-one on a recurring basis (usually once per week) until the student’s goals are met and positive academic habits are built (typically a minimum of one semester). 
  • The frequency of meetings may change as progress occurs and the student’s academic skills and confidence are enhanced.

*Students may connect with an Academic Coach at any point during the academic year, but are encouraged to begin at the start of the semester in order to benefit the most from this service.

Below are some of the benefits of working with an Academic Coach: 

  • Develop academic skills and learning strategies essential to your success as a student, including time management, note taking, organization, study skills, and test-taking strategies (to name a few). 

  • Learn to create balance among your academic, social, and work obligations and opportunities.

  • Establish big picture goals or intentions for yourself (academic, personal, professional).

  • Implement concrete strategies or steps to better align your daily habits and activities with your goals and intentions. 

  • Identify barriers (practical or personal) to achieving a goal, and problem-solve in advance.

  • Enhance your growth mindset and gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.  

  • Identify habits that hinder personal or academic success and practice implementing new strategies or lifestyle habits. 

  • Experience a sense of belonging, acceptance, and connection through your relationship with an Academic Coach.

  • Connect to other campus resources that can play a role in your success. 

  • Most importantly, an Academic Coach can be a listening ear as you navigate the challenges and celebrate the successes of your educational journey at ULV. 

*Please note that Academic Coaches are not tutors, and cannot help with course-specific content questions. They can, however, connect you to appropriate ASC Tutors if you’re struggling with a particular course.