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ASC Academic Coaching

"This is an amazing tool for every student. Every student should utilize it. This was my first time using it. I felt supported and I feel more confident moving forward."

"I went into the session with a very general subject of time management in mind and I wasn't really sure what the session would focus on. It was very helpful to just talk through what I was feeling about classes and assignments, and I got several relevant tips on how to form a sustainable schedule, prioritize responsibilities, and how to approach harder assignments."

"Great session! The Academic Coach did a great job creating a safe environment where sharing was easier."

“Inspirational session and all the encouragement I received has been very helpful.”

“My Coach has been really helpful and resourceful when it comes to being successful during your first year of college.”

“I honestly love my Academic Coach! She was very patient with me and she was in the same age range, making it a little more comfortable to discuss something that is hard to say to an older adult and it might relate back to her and ultimately set us both up for success if we were to work on it together. Overall, an amazing person who I would consider going to again simply because I loved the positivity that she brought and wanted to support me through making my unhealthy habits turn into healthy habits :)”

“The ASC services seem very easily accessible and not hard to find and I love the opportunity to find help that I couldn't really find anywhere else. It's a great service that I would definitely keep going to as it seems like a safe space.”

"The Academic Coaching services are a great opportunity for students to strengthen their skills.”