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CASE Day 2021 was held virtually in May 2021. Faculty and students showcased their projects in a virtual reality platform called Mozilla Hubs.

Click the links below to view projects in the virtual reality rooms.

Faculty Presentations

Student Presentations

Mini Maker Fair

Faculty Presentations

Si Hyun Kim

Co-authors : Dr. Giacomo Laffranchini and Dr. Martha Fernanda Wagstaff

Title of Project: Does humane orientation matter? A cross-cultural study of job characteristics needs-supplies fit/misfit and affective organizational commitment.

Giacomo Laffranchini

Co-authors: Dr. John Hadjimarcou; Dr. Si Hyun Kim

Title of Project: The First Turnaround Response Of Family Firms In A Crisis Situation

Amtul Chaudry

Title of Project: Using Arduino Uno Microcontroller to Create Interest in Physics

Student Presentations

Carlos Ramirez

Title of Project: D3 (Differentiating Trig) PDF

Description: Studied how climate has changed through trophic interactions of plants, caterpillars, and parasitoids. Noticed Phenological Asynchrony: When the life cycle of the host doesn't align with that of the parasite. In this case, caterpillars are maturing a lot quicker than their parasitoids because or warmth.

Reanna Saldivar

Title of Project: Coronavirus & Environmental Racism: Threats in Minority Communities

Description: Showing that minorities are affected by environmental injustice and areas they call home are affected by pollution and toxins provided by corporations. The pandemic has increased the crisis.

Abraham Navarro

Title of Project: Socioeconomic Factors‚ Influence on Susceptibility of Type 2 Diabetes in the United States

Description: This was a research project completed in 2017 for the HNR 111 course with Dr. Mecenas. It highlights how type 2 diabetes is a significant problem in the United States, especially among vulnerable communities. Also, socioeconomic risk factors associated with higher susceptibility are identified.

Analilia Escalera

Title of Project: The Exploitation of Women by Mass Media in the early 2000s

Description: An ethical reflection on mass media of how young women in the spotlight were hyper sexualized.

Ian Wong

Title of Project: Correlation of Depression and Climate Change During Covid-19

Description: I am attempting to show the correlation between depression and climate change during Covid-19. The reason is to bring attention to people who have depression during a pandemic and the tough times of climate change.

Thomas Praxedes

Title of Project: Civil Unrest: The Overlooked Problem Of Climate Change

Description: What most Americans don't look at when examining climate change. Climate change affected countries with unstable governments like Syria which resulted in American intervention with military and American tax dollars.

Tammy Wong

Title of Project: Metallic Foams

Description: Literature Review exploring the innovations found in the methods of synthesis, characteristics, and applications of metallic foams.

Sean Henson

Title of Project: A Look at Foreign Imposed Regime Change

Description: In this research project I seek to understand the purpose of foreign imposed regime change and why the United States seems to think they are a good tool for foreign policy. My research shows that foreign imposed regime change has resulted in mostly failures and lead to undesirable outcomes.

Harreson Johnson

Title of Project: The Nuances of Interracial Dating in America

Description: An anthropological research project conducted via video interview of heterosexual interracial couples, cataloging their experiences with their family and society as they pertain to their differing races and cultures. This provides a snapshot of the level of tolerance in our country.

Alexandria Smith

Title of Project: Indigenous Futurism: "A strand in the Colonial Process"

Description: A look at the misrepresentation and stereotyping of Indigenous stories

Michelle Hua, Zeru Li, Alisa Zhou, Owen Xu Li, and Jay Jones

Title of Project: Comparison of Litter in Parking Lots associated with "Green" vs "Bargain" Grocery Stores

Description: This is a collaborative research project conducted with a high school level organization with the acronym of HEARTS. Students and I surveyed the amount and types of litter associated with "green" groceries, such as Sprouts and Whole Foods in contrast to litter associated with bargain stores.

Student Presentations

Levi Snow

Title of Project: Climate Change and its affect on Mental Health

Description: Powerpoint of my research paper topics and my research findings.

Kaylee Licona

Title of Project: Climate change effects on mental health and the latino community

Description: My research project will go over the effects climate change has on low-income and Latino communities, as well as cover the effects on mental health. I will go in-depth on my findings and understand how natural disasters affect communities along with coming up with community solutions.

Janet Martinez

Title of Project: Behind the scenes of entertainment: tech and diversity

Description: Dives into the topic of diversity in the entertainment industry and how it is overlooked in multiple aspects behind the scenes

Pablo Gomez

Title of Project: Imposter Syndrome

Description: I am researching the cause of imposter syndrome and finding ways to cope with it. My research is centered on finding the long-term effects of this condition.

Anthony Zarate

Title of Project: Climate Anxiety and the Affects on your Mental Health

Description: This research will begin to educate and point out the affects climate change has on not just the physical aspect but mentally

Evelyn Saldivar

Title of Project: The Impact of Climate Change on food Culture in the United States

Description: This project is about the impact of climate change on the food culture in the United States. illustrating numerous examples of food being devastated throughout the states. it will also illustrate my opinion as well as the opinion of scientists solutions.

Jasmine Gaeta

Title of Project: Spanish and English Literature during the 17th Century

Description: In this research I compare and contrast the literary styles from two major authors during the 17th century: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeares. Although they exist in the same time period there are many factors that contribute to their themes and approaches being vastly different.

Kezhi Wang

Title of Project: How reforms and opening policy Effect china

Maker Fair Presentations

Dr. John Calavitta-Dos Santos

Title of Project: Monumental Vision: a Collaborative Student and Faculty Experience to Reshape Public Space

Description: I engaged the ULV community to respond to a City of LA design challenge to redesign the site of the removed Christopher Columbus monument. Working with students and faculty across campus and disciplines, we created new monuments of progress based on our memories, histories, & cultural identities.

Dr. John Calavitta-Dos Santos

Title of Project: Creative Mapping: Supporting Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) owed businesses in LA

Co-designers: Ashley Garcia, Alexander Hernandez, Monica Martinez, Jacob Corona, Sabrina Tinajero, Gage Unsoeld, Blake Washington, Dominic Gomez, Jaqueline Mendoza, Alyssa Valdez

Description: The purpose of this LVE class project is to support the AAPI community by promoting and delivering local AAPI business information through interactive and innovative maps in order to attract a younger target group like students by engaging viewer's attention.

Claudia Gonzalez

Title of Project: In Our Backyard: History and Culture from the Citrus Belt. Eric M. Davis Fourth Street Mill Mural

Description: This is the first segment of an on-going TV series that highlights art and history of La Verne and its surrounding areas. Produced by Ken Pucci and Claudia Gonzalez (LVTV), this segment introduces local artist Eric Davis and presents his journey on painting a mural that captures La Verne's history.

Brendon Wheeler

Title of Project: Car Collision Database

Description: Database made to find cost, items and inventory of car repair shops using ID numbers.

Kassandra Inzunza

Title of Project: Distance Reader

Description: Due to limitations in resources, this project was built using Tinkercad. The purpose of this project is to use an Arduino and ultrasonic distance sensor to capture the distance an object is form the sensor and then display the distance in cm on the LCD.

Sabrina Herrera

Title of Project: Crochet and Knitting Clothing Project

Description: Creating homemade clothing by using crochet and knitting techniques.

Samantha Stefanoff

Title of Project: DIY AC Stuffed Animal

Description: A DIY stuffed animal featuring Blathers, a character from the Animal Crossing video game series

Alexis Portillo

Title of Project: Manage Your Stress

Description: Effective ways to manage your stress

Taha Mustapha

Title of Project: Monopoly Board to Life

Description: With monopoly being one of the most lovable board games, me and my partner felt that bringing this old school board more to life would be a fun idea. We would go on to design around 8 objects to make the board feel more complete.

Frederick Kasenda

Title of Project: Fingerprint Doorlock

Description: My project represents a door-lock that can be unlocked via fingerprint recognition.

Maker Fair Presentations

Beau Daoust

Title of Project: Personal Cloud Server

Description: For this project, I used a Raspberry Pi 4 and a WD Elements 4TB hard drive to host my own personal cloud server via a service called "ownCloud". This cloud server can be access anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Adrian Lai

Title of Project: PHP Web Scraper

Description: A PHP-based web scraper capable of scrapping movie information from IMDB such as film title, rating, and written review.

J-Zach Loke

Title of Project: Entry & Exit Detector

Description: A raspberry pi project that's able to detect when people enter and leave through a doorway.

Jennifer Salaiza

Title of Project: Using Cricut to create personalized shirts

Description: Using iron-on material, I used the Cricut to create personalized shirts.

Noel Youkhanehnejad

Title of Project: 3D Printing: Monopoly Edition

Description: A sampling of some of the most iconic symbols from a standard Monopoly board: the community chest, the GO space, the light bulb from Electric Company, and more.

Natalie Reyes

Title of Project: Arduino Plant Watering System

Description: This project is a watering system that uses arduino. It measures the level of moisture in the soil and automatically waters the plants when it becomes too dry.

Vicky Torres

Title of Project: Nature Love

Description: This multidimensional butterfly utilized the Cricut Machine to create the 3D flowers illustrated in the painting. The purpose of this project is to show how technology can be used in art to add a tangibility factor.

Daniel Reilly

Title of Project: CASE Day 2021 Homepage

Description: Myself and a fellow student and ATS member, David Raygoza, created the homepage for this year's CASE Day homepage in HTML and CSS. We utilized several design techniques to make a design that is easy to read and responsive.

David Raygoza

Title of Project: FitU

Description: The purpose of the project is to develop a mobile application where fitness people from all around the world can keep track of water intake, workouts, meal plans, and all other vital information all in one app.

Danielle De Luna

Title of Project: Oasis May Find You

Description: The desert offers city dwellers an opportunity to depart from everyday life to engage with scenery in an isolated, introspective manner. This digital collage poster series, featuring photos taken in 29 Palms, capture this departure from the abnormalcy of 'business as usual' in favor of rediscovery.

Maker Fair Presentations

Joshua Brown

Title of Project: Micro machines with magnetostriction

Description: Exploring the possibilities of making very tiny machines that can be controlled using magnetic fields.

Bryan Haley

Title of Project: Leo Lab Device & GameBoy HDMI Output

Description: LeoLab Device: IOLab clone with new hardware and software built from scratch.

GameBoy HDMI output: a console mod utilizing an FPGA to add HDMI output to an original Nintendo GameBoy.

Diego Milian

Title of Project: ENA 3D Model

Description: Created a 3D model of the character ENA by Joel G. Made in Inventor, with possible 3D print.

Bryan Aguayo

Title of Project: Rube Goldberg Machine

Description: Obstacle course that uses potential and kinetic energy to complete without any interaction.

Joseph Muell

Title of Project: CAD System

Description: A online Computer Aided Dispatch System similar to what police may use. This application pulls data from an SQL server to a PHP webpage, eventually I will add an option to input data into the SQL server.

Zhaoyu Wang

3D designed house with integrated LED lights.

ART 120

3D models of Walpa D'Mark's ART 120 art class.