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Wilson Library's Makerspace

Virtual Reality in the Makerspace!

Stop by the Makerspace and ask to use the HTC Vive!

Experience the wonderful world of virtual reality (VR) with educational and fun games! No experience is needed! Our HTC Vive setup includes virtual reality headset; two controllers; two sensors; a monitor, and a powerful PC to run the HTC Vive. Come visit the Makerspace and try it out yourself!

Learn More About the HTC Vive!

Learn More About the HTC Vive!

As long as you wear the HTC Vive headset and are holding the two controllers, the HTC Vive sensors are able to track your movement allowing you to enter the 3D space of your chosen game. The HTC Vive headset has integrated headphones and a microphone for full interaction in the game of your choosing. The HTC Vive headset can adjust to most head sizes, has "eye relief adjustments" and also fits most glasses. The controllers are easy to use and learn with realistic feedback while in game. Controllers and headset both wirelessly sync to the two sensors that track your movement within the 360-degree play area up to 15ft x 15ft. The HTC Vive is partnered with SteamVR so there is access to over 1500 games!

If you would like to know even more about the HTC Vive visit these links!

Educational VR Games

  • 3D Organon VR Anatomy (Biology)
  • Edmersiv (Multidisciplinary)
  • Witty (Language)
  • Tilt Brush (Art)
  • Google Earth VR (Geography)
  • Dataviz (Business)
  • Engage (Multidisciplinary)
  • The Stanford Ocean Acidification Experience (Geography)
  • Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars (Astronomy)
  • Earthquake Simulator (Safety)

Fun VR Games

  • Beat Saber
  • Waltz of the Wizard
  • Subnautica
  • Merry Snowballs
  • VR Theme Park Rides
  • Altar Show
  • Job Simulator
  • Knockout League
  • The Lab
  • +More