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Wilson Library's Makerspace

2019 4th Annual Mini Makerfaire Recap


Jay Jones - A 50-Year Perspective on Independent Active Learning In & Outside of the Academic Setting

The learning strategies that exists within STEM fields are presented.

Carol Wright - Polymer Clay Charm

A collection of handmade polymer clay charms.

Koppany Horvath - Robot Arm Control System 

An application of software to control robotics.

Christian Billings - Physics Radio Telescope

A telescope is to reveal the radiation line from the galaxy's center.


Eric Felton - Major League Softball

Electronic scoreboard for the University of La Verne softball league.


Daniel Huerta - Basketball Shot Clock 

A utilization of electricity and wiring. 

Justin (Seungman) Rho - Golf Ball Washer

An automatic golf ball washer.

Alvaro Alvarez + Mystery Guest - Green Screen Photography

Take a photo with BB-8 from the Star Wars movies.

Tiffany Casillas - Fighting Fast Fashion

Inclusive, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient fashion.

Sean Costello - Home Automation 

Aimed to maximize the future of your household.


Marylou Juarez - Water Fountain

A water fountain programmed to emit light.

Natalie Reyes - Christmas Light Show

A Christmas Light Show synced to the beat of music. 

Daniel Arvizu - Robot Arm

A utilization of software to create a robotic arm. 

Jorge Garcia - Jumping Remote Control Car

A remote control car that can jump, make turns, and avoid obstacles.

Exhibitors - General Physics - Dr. Chaudry

Abdulrahman Badran - Wake

A Pac-Man alarm clock was created using sensors and the 3-D printer. 

Kaitlin Ditsler - GIR Light

Shown is a 3D printed model of GIR from Invader Zim that features light-up eyes.


Abigail Kalin - Traffic Lights

A recreation of accurate stoplights using software and Makerspace resources.

Kevin Garcia - Foosball Game

A foosball game created for a computer networking class. 

Wesley Lee - CMPN 280 LED Project

LEDs synced with music.

Alisia Cortez - Creeper Robot

A remote-controlled robot inspired by the Creepers in Minecraft.

Virtual Reality Art Using Tilt Brush

Gabriella, Hector, YiDong, and William are all presenting creations made with Tilt Brush. 

Kevin Valencia - Under the Tree

A shot of a man looking somewhere under a tree.

Matthew Blanchard - Tic-Tac-Toe

A gam of Tic-Tac-Toe  created from Arduino, Magnets, Sensors, and LEDs.

Catherosette Meas - Guinea Pig Car

A 3D-printed Guinea Pig​ toy.

Exhibitors - General Physics - Dr. Chaudry

Cheyenne Page & Sarah AcostaMini Arcade

This mini arcade was made with the Raspberry Pi. 

Homemade Vacuum Cleaner - Hanien Samara

Attached is a demonstration of a vacuum cleaner made from recycled material and household items.


SpongeBob Eating Coin Bank - Jasmine Valadez

Present is a 3D printed SpongeBob coin bank.