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Wilson Library's Makerspace

About the 3D Pen

Create 3D Art with your own hands! The Makerspace has SOYAN 3D Pens and multiple colored filaments that help you create 3D art by hand. Load and feed colors with ease and adjust the speed to your liking. Create three-dimensional objects from your imagination or from templates. If you have two-dimensional art you want to make 3D or just want to explore a different medium, the 3D Pen is a fun new experience. 

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What is a 3D Pen?

The 3D Pen works similar to a 3D printer, but instead is done manually by hand rather than by computer. Once plugged in and heated, feed the desired colored filament into the wire loading hole. Then, with its electric heating nozzle and by pressing the wire feeding button the process of creating 3D Art has begun. You are able to adjust the speed and change the color to your liking and begin drawing on templates, build up from 2D drawings, or from imagination.