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Wilson Library's Makerspace

Poster Printing


  1. Submit your poster to the Makerspace through the following link ( according to the timeline schedule below. All posters received for printing are expected to be complete and ready to print 'as is'.
  2. Posters will be printed from a PC.
    • If you create a poster on a Mac, please check the file on a PC to make sure there are not any conversion problems.
    • The preferred file formats are PowerPoint (.ppt) and Adobe PDF (.pdf). Please check with the Makerspace if you have any questions or concerns through email at or in person by visiting the Wilson Library room 172 during open hours.
  3. Poster Size
    • The standard poster paper size we print for students is 36 by 42 inches and 42 by 42 depending on your template used. Whether the poster orientation is portrait or landscape, at least one edge of your poster cannot exceed 42 inches due to printer size restraints.
  4. You will receive an email when your poster is printed. Please stop by the Wilson Library Circulation desk to pick up your poster at your earliest convenience. The fee is 40 dollars upon pickup and its cash only. If your Department is paying for it please make sure your instructor has made prior arrangements with Wayne Thurston email: to submit payment and he will notify the Makerspace so that you don’t get charged when picking up your poster.

Timeline Schedule

Posters will be printed on a first come first serve basis. Please remember to allow ample time for your poster to be printed, proofed, reprinted if necessary, and laminated.

Posters that do not follow this schedule will not be printed.

  1. For Department, College, University, or Professional poster competitions/events (example: CASE Week, Faculty Book Day, etc) in which many posters are going to be printed, please make sure that your poster is submitted at deadline date given by the event organizer. You will run the risk of not getting your printer posted if you submit past a given deadline.
  2. For individual poster requests please make sure that your poster is submitted at least 3 business days prior to the date needed. For example, if you need your poster by Thursday at 3:00pm, submit it by the previous Monday at 3:00pm.

 Poster Printing Rates

For students, if you are presenting at CASE day, then there is no cost. For other requests, $40 Cash is due upon picking up the poster.

Faculty is free as long as its academic based (Instructors name must be on the poster, student posters submitted by a faculty member will not count and will be charged the standard rate.)

Faculty and student collaboration: we encourage faculty and student collaboration to present to professional conferences. when submitting posters for this case, please submit the conference program so that we can verify the situation. In these cases, we will waive the fee.

Student research: we also encourage student research and present to professional conferences. If a student is submitting such poster, please also submit the conference program for us to verify to waive the fee.


If a poster is sent to us but it is not in the correct sizing, we will unfortunately have to ask you to resize your poster to the specifications that you ask for.