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Statistics & Data Sets

Links to website and database resources with statistical data.

Overview on Datasets & Statistics

Datasets & Statistics - What's the Difference? 

The difference is that datasets are presented to you in full - all available variables - for you to manipulate and aggregate as needed.  Statistics are typically presented in aggregate form already as a table, chart or graph.

When would you use one over the other?

When you want quick facts for a presentation or paper (typically used to strengthen a point), you would use prepared statistics.  Just make sure you cite them properly.  If you're planning to test a hypothesis, develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, assess the effect of a particular treatment - essentially anything that would require in-depth analyses - then you need a dataset.

Primary versus Secondary Data

When you collect data for your own research, this is considered primary data collection. When you use a dataset that has been collected by somone else, you are using what is considered secondary data. 


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