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ASC Student Resource Portal

All resources concerning writing mechanics, structure, and genres are uploaded here for students' access.

Online Tutoring for Writing

The ASC is here to support your remote learning needs! We offer remote tutoring for writing via two options, as indicated in our appointment system:

  • Online - synchronous appointments, where you meet with your consultant in real-time using a combination of WC Online, Google Docs, Zoom, and/or Webex.

    • Recommended for learners who benefit from live interaction & discussion

  • E-Tutoring - asynchronous appointments, where there is no real-time meeting; instead, you upload an assignment along with your questions, struggles, etc., and receive feedback straight to your ULV email

    • Recommended for learners who can articulate their own needs and challenges, and who have busy schedules

Once you make your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with more detailed instructions on how to complete your appointment.

Online Tutorials

Writing Tasks/Genres

Below are resources related to specific genres/writing tasks students may encounter in academic writing. 

Pre-Writing & Organization

Below are resources to assist you with the pre-writing and organization stage of your writing projects. 

Thesis, Argument, and Development

These resources contain information about writing effective thesis statements and arguments, as well as how to fully develop your writing projects. 


The below resources will assist you in revising your work. Revision is more than editing; it is a re-vision of your writing project!