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Academic Success Center (ASC)

Overview of ASC Test Prep Services

The Academic Success Center (ASC) currently supports those taking placement tests, the GRE, and the CBEST exam. Please visit the information below to learn more about these supports as well as test-taking strategies to support you as you prepare for your course exams.

Placement Testing

The Academic Success Center offers placement tests for writing, math, and languages (Spanish, French, and German). Incoming freshmen and transfer students will be placed into math and writing courses based on their transcripts and test scores.

For more information regarding placement test support, including preparation materials, please visit our ASC Testing Services page.

GRE Prep

Interested in going to Graduate School? Take a FREE Online GRE Prep Course through 24/7 Tutoring! 

Click here for instructions on how to access the GRE Prep Course


The Academic Success Center offers synchronous online workshops for the CBEST (Reading, Writing, and Math) according to student demand. You can view all upcoming workshops and register by visiting the Wilson Library calendar.

If you missed any workshop, or would like to refresh on the session contents, please see the recorded workshops. 

Additional Resources:

General Info about the CBEST Exam


If you would like individualized support with the CBEST, you can make appointments with the ASC. For Math support, please visit our Drop-In Tutoring Schedule for days/times. For Reading & Writing support, please choose Haley on the Writing schedule.

CBEST Math Session 1: Computation and Numerical Relationships

Workshop description: Brush up on Order of Operations, long division, percentages, and number lines to put your best foot forward for the CBEST.

Click here to view session 1

CBEST Math Session 2: Numerical and Graphing Relationships

Workshop description: Dive into solving for a single variable, linear relationships, and fractions to secure your best score for the CBEST.

Click here to view session 2

CBEST Math Session 3: Estimation, Measurement, and Statistical Principles

Workshop description: Work with averages, rounding, probability, and geometric shapes to ensure that you do your best on the CBEST.

Click here to view session 3

CBEST Math Session 4: Statistical Principles and Word Problems

Workshop description: Break apart word problems to gather information about the questions to make sure that you can find the best answers on the CBEST.

Click here to view session 4

CBEST Writing Session 1: Critical Analysis and Evaluation

Jump into analyzing a piece critically and forming your own opinion about the content and the structure of the text and learn how to evaluate and assess the readings through the tone and textual structure of the section to show your best on the CBEST.

Click here to view the recording.


CBEST Writing Session 2: Comprehension and Research

Tackle reading comprehension, content, research, and reference skills in this workshop to ensure that you have the ability necessary to do your best on the CBEST.

Click here to view the recording.

CBEST Practice Exams 

  • Take a short test to find your strengths and weaknesses, see how you compare to others, and watch fun videos to improve.

Reading Practice Test 1

Reading Practice Test 2

Finals Prep


California Educator Credentialing Assessments 

  • Website to learn all about the CSET exam and expectations.

Description of Subtests I, II, and III 

  • Overview of Subtests I, II, and III, including structure of the tests as well as links to preparation materials.

Test Taking Strategies