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ASC Student Resource Portal

All resources developed for tutoring content areas (Math, Science, Languages, etc.) are available here for students' access

Content Tutoring

The Academic Success Center offers tutoring in Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Business/Accounting, Languages, and Statistics. Students can make an appointment by visiting our scheduling system


Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Professor (and former ASC tutor) Dr. Kat Bay created a phenomenal YouTube channel for La Verne students. "Chemistry with Dr. Bay" is a collection of short videos on fundamental chemistry topics. Topics covered include:

Subscribe to "Chemistry with Dr. Bay" on YouTube for access to more videos and follow @chemistrywithdrbay on Instagram.


Workshop description: Students will understand what language anxiety is, what it looks like, and common techniques used to reduce anxiety when learning a foreign language. Presented by Daniela, a Spanish Peer Consultant and Student Initiatives Specialist in the ASC.

Click here to view the recording.