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Wilson Library's Makerspace


Wilson Library's Makerspace Media Coverage & Presence


Since late 2015 the Wilson Library has been at the forefront of technological innovation. In October 2016, Stephen Monteros, an adjunct faculty at the University of La Verne and VP of Business Development at SIGMAnet inc., wrote an article about one of the Wilson Library's most advantageous and notable projects to come out of the university's library, digital signage. To read more about this, check out the story here and you will see why and how the Makerspace at La Verne is an essential part of the school and its students.

In August 2016, the AV Network published an article discussing how the Digital Signage Federation (DSF) meet to discuss the possibility of having a university class that encompasses the digital signage software created at the school and intertwine it with the integrated business program. The article can be found here!


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The Campus Times wrote, in April 2015, of the Wilson Library's very first Maker Fair! This event not only had students but staff, faculty, and members of the community that participated as well. From cyber security to gumball machines, these makers show what it means to be a maker and how the Wilson Library is helping to create a much more creative and open space to learn and build. To read more about this, check out the story here and see what drives students to learn and create outside of the classroom.